Monday, 30 January 2012

The Olympic Games 2012.

These days, every major event, be it a high profile wedding, or the impending Olympic Games is "super hyped" by the press, plus the television and radio stations.It becomes boring and irritating to hear them "banging on" about the games long before they have commenced. The B.B.C."Today" programme and the L.B.C. Nick Ferrari breakfast show, are prime contestants for the title of  Olympic Bores of 2012.Now,having expressed my views,I hope that our athletes win plenty of gold and silver medals, plus cups. I also wish those spectators attending the games much enjoyment, and  that they,plus those whom work near to the stadium,experience no delays in their travelling to work,or to the games.Hopefully,Mayor Boris,and his team,plus T.F.L.have done their homework in time for the games.So,my dear media bores,please tone down the boring chatter,and bore us once again please,a few weeks before the games commence.If you do not,I will come to your studios to haunt the lot of you.Also,I hope that the new stadium will be put to good use after the games have ended.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Winter seems to drag on.

Winter seems to drag on for what seems an eternity.The darkness of the early evenings,and nights,can make a person feel depressed and long for the sunnier days when spring and summer arrive.I am quite sure that our mental and physical health suffer greatly during the winter season.As is quite widely known,sunshine acts as a tonic,taken in moderation.It also makes a soul cheerful and happy when for example,taking a leisurely stroll on a sunny day.

bloggy not foggy winter

this winter has so far,been exceptionally mild in comparison to last year. To think that a year ago we had snow piled up at our front doors. We were badly in need of Donner and Blitzen! But watch out for February, things can change.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

first post

As a comparatively newcomer to the world of computing, I am finding it most interesting and absorbing. what a marvellous invention this think that someone using Skype can contact anyone, anywhere in the world. also e mails can be sent across this world of ours. we can send our comments to the BBC or other organisations.