Wednesday, 15 February 2012

"The Austerity Cuts".

Before the last General Election,Prime Minister,David Cameron,stated on T.V.that we could not go on in the way we were going;and that the New Labour Party had borrowed,and spent all the money.Also,it would take us at least five years,to pay off the interest on the debt,or maybe longer.So,how much debt was incurred by the previous government? I greatly admire David Cameron,whom has kept to his pre-election promises,in this regard.When I watch Parliament on the"Freeview Channel"I do not hear the party opposite say that they left the economy in a sound state,no they keep"very quiet"on this one! My intuition tells me that no Prime Minister coming into office,would make such severe cuts unless they were completely necessary!It does'nt  take an M.A. Degree to work this out!Whilst I feel sorry for those whom are unemployed,it should be noted that this situation applies to other countries in Europe as well.I do not possess a degree in economics;only three G.C.E's .However,I understand this,that in any type of business,you have to put money into it,and not keep spending and borrowing.Otherwise,you become bankrupt,and the business goes to the wall!So,heaven help us if New Labour ever return to office.All those things which the Prime Minister,is trying hard to achieve,will go to the wall!I used to be a staunch supporter of "Old Labour"in my early days;when it was a good party to follow,as a person of the working classes.My feelings have "greatly changed" in regard to the present so-called "New Labour"Party.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Washing away the snow.

After several weeks of snow,and bitterly cold weather, today became much milder.The falling rain was much appreciated,since it washed away the compacted snow and ice.Now,I have put away my snow boots,in the sincere hope that they will not be needed again,hopefully,until next winter.As I stated in a previous blog,the month of February is unpredictable as regards the weather.Now,let us turn our thoughts towards March,and the possibility of much brighter,and cheerful days,as we head toward Easter,the time when the daffodils start to bloom,and keen gardeners set to work clearing up the debris left by the winter months,in their various plots, whether vegetable or flower.Also,as I've just remembered,the lawns,be they small or spacious,need attention,and whatever work required,must be carried out after a thorough inspection has been completed.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

So called "Lost Tribes".

Last week,the B.B.C. News ran a feature about a tribe found in the forests of  Southern Peru.They were found  only by chance,due to the logging being carried out in their region,whether legally or illegally.This tribe made it quite clear that they did not want to have anything to do with outsiders.They have,in all probability,been living in this area for centuries,quite happily,until now.I suppose that if de-forestation gathers apace,they,like the North American Indians(natural people of that Continent) will be "forced" into the twenty first century,whether they like it or not.We are the"lost tribes"not them.That expression is "totally" true when referring to ourselves. There have been numerous wars,for centuries.Greediness abounds,in today's world.The poor suffer at the hands of the rich who line their pockets.Those whom have want more and more.

Running out of films for T.V. Channels

Whilst scanning through the Radio Times I have noticed  that several channels show the same film in one week.To me,this indicates that since we now have many channels there are not enough films being made to cope with this situation.My all time favourites are the splendid westerns,which the American film industry used to produce at one time.I feel quite sad that they no longer make westerns,realising at the same time;that those great stars of the westerns;such as Gregory Peck,Burt Lancaster;and many other household names,are no longer with us,due to their great age or retirement,even death.In recent years we have seen excellent westerns,featuring the likes of Clint Eastwood.It would seem that there are no actors to carry on with such a great tradition,such as the great westerns,of yesteryear.