Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Good Manners,plus Common Sense.

Are any fellow bloggers aware of the decline in good manners,plus common sense.I would put the seventies as the start of this gradual demise.Here are some of the reasons why I have come to this conclusion.When I was a youngster,I would hold a door open,for a lady to pass through first.Since the nineteen sixties,many feminists have rejected this,thinking that they are being treated as simpletons whom are incapable of doing anything for themselves!Many ladies,even today,smile when you hold a door open for them to enter through.Another thing which annoys me when departing from a Supermarket; are those shoppers who do not stand aside to let you leave,but either push you back inside,or walk right into you instead!Once outside the shop,or store,you come into contact with What I term"pavement hoggers"they are stretched right across the pavement whilst heading in your direction.These people do not possess any 'common sense' or even 'good manners'whereby they make room for anyone heading towards them.It would seem that they should walk in the gutter,to be run over,by on-coming traffic!Queuing for buses has become a "free for all"these days,since it does'nt matter how long you have waited at the bus stop;since people whom came after you,push ahead of you to get on the bus.Another sign of the 'great decline' in good manners! Now onwards and upwards,towards the media!I refer here to the Radio and Television networks.It is extremely sad,that the B.B.C. the forerunners,of broadcasting in the U.K.greatly lack,'common courtesy'when interviewing e.g.Members of Parliament,or Eminent People from various professions,They 'but in' whilst their guests are still speaking.The studio guest should tell the interviewer to let them reply to the question(s) being asked them.Perhaps this is B.B.C.policy these days! If so, how sad.


  1. You have certainly covered a bit of ground in your blog!! Thanks for posting!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments regarding my latest blog;and as someone whom has taken up blogging fairly recently.Best wishes to you.Art Pal.

  2. I like it when people hold the door for me, as long as they are happy for me to do so for them! Equality is where real manners lie.