Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Moving Home.

 I have not written a blog for several months,so here goes! I must have had writer's blog! I am in the 'throes' of moving from one flat to another. This is a very trying time,to say the least! It is also a time for getting rid of all the 'clutter' accumulated during a lifetime of buying and receiving various objects. It is marvellous to know that we have our Charity shops,and recycling bins,to pass on any unwanted items to! There is a lot to be said for those people whom are not 'hoarders' like me.  

 My flat looks like the Lost Property office,at London's Baker Street! However,I do not have any coffins or budgerigars among my luggage;as they might have at Baker Street! I have found that when packing the smaller items;it is a good idea to mark the sides of the cartons with a black felt pen.This is an ideal way of enabling you to unpack at the other end of your journey! For example,mark all those cartons in which you stored your books,with the word 'BOOKS' all over them! Some people number their boxes,but to me this does'nt seem helpful when coming to the 'unpacking stage' of events. After all your packing is done;you await  eagerly for a confirmation letter,giving you the date on which you can move in to your new home!

 Finally, there are all those other duties to be performed,such as telling pension companies your moving date;plus the address of your new home.The Banks,and Building Societies,Utilities,etc;need informing as well! So,it's a good job we don't move every day of the week;since that would be Purgatory indeed.There is also the business of getting rid of all those cartons,used to convey your items,and finding a recycling skip,or bins near your new home! Unpacking can be just as tedious,as packing can be.There is also the question of hiring transport to be considered. Contrary to popular belief,I have not died,seeing that no blogs have been forthcoming from me in recent months! I am hail and hearty,to say the least!                                                                                                      

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